GEM e4 - Turtle Mode

I have tested the batteries and all are around 12v. The onboard charger originally was flashing Red (2X) and 1 Amber light. I put a rapid charge onto one battery for 5 hours. The Red LED went away. The cart initially averaged 4-6mph then the turtle light came on. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? It’s back to 1mph

Just a guess but you likely have one (or two) bad batteries. Once you put a load on them their voltage drops and the car goes into Turtle mode.

resting voltage means nothing . Have someone push on the accelerator while holding it stopped with breaks . Now check batteries . You will find it immediately

One battery? That doesn’t sound right.

I am trying to individually charge each battery. (4) US Batteries & (2) TrojanSCS225.

I have a 2004 GEM. I recently installed 2 new US31DC 12V Batteries the other 4 are fully charged. I can’t get any dash lights to come on or engage reverse or forward yet I hear the sound that something is powered any suggestions?

You may have installed them backwards. If so you will have 37 volts instead of 72.