Gem e2 soft door clips

I am looking to source two of the clips for the door hinges on a Polaris Gem e2. They look like this…


I believe that they are known as “Ball Joint Quick Disconnect” and I think the part number is 7061184.

Can anyone suggest how I might obtain two of these?


found something close using googles image search-by-image feature:

Wow! That is a fantastic find. Many thanks. It’s got to be worth a try.
Maybe AI isn’t all bad after all. :wink:

Thanks again,

Funny you mention that because TensorFlow was one of the first quite capable LLM AI’s to be open sourced and it became quite popular. I think it has history in image search at google. I find gImage Search quite useful for these odd parts and sometimes just finding out an industry naming of a part then gets me to the actual part via a more refined search.

If you can figure out what thread you are working with maybe one of these will work?

Here is one on Amazon based on a 5/16-24 thread.

Thanks for these.

Not just that. My concern is the size of the ball that they are intended to work with. I can’t find that information.