Gem Dash Menu Settings

I’m in a park with dozens of Gems and a friend and I were talking about the Gem menu settings (the one in which you can go into, to put Gem lights on and reset the SOC, etc.). I told him that the top few settings were a guarded “secret” (sort of like KFC’s recipe !). It got me thinking that no one has ever been able to even explain what those first few settings are for, let alone why they should never be touched ? He searched (and searched) the web and nothing. I told him I’d throw out a post but to not expect anything because I’m beginning to believe that no one has a clue what those settings even mean, let alone if they’re set at the factory or what ? Am I correct in assuming these settings are indeed something only a select few in the Gem universe even knows what they mean ? None of us here have dared changed these settings (nor should we, as told him). Thanks for any info !

Right, I tried to bring this subject up with a few old time Gem techs and they suddenly clam up. It’s really weird how corporate seems to have these guys under some sort of legal binder not to talk about everything the secret menu does.

Whatever you do don’t mess with the settings, because when you decrease the value on SOC (State of Charge) and Batt you cannot increase the value back to 100. So now I have to send mine in for re-programming.

??? - That is odd and the first time I heard of this. Perhaps something is wrong with your turn signal switch or procedure you are using? Many others seem to have no issues.

How far did you lower SOC and it is now stuck?

Where are you sending it in for reprogramming?

Oh wait… You adjusted BATT also? I’ve never touched that one.

Not sure why you can’t put the “BATT” value back to what it was prior to messing with it ? Unless you don’t know what that value was. I’m certainly not a Gem expert, but if this was mine, I’d find someone who has the same make/model/batteries and use that value that’s working for that one. Again, I may be totally off base here. But not sure why you’d need it re-programmed ???