gem car won't go. please anyone help

have a 2011 gem el xd and my boss seems to think I can fix this. Will go for about 10 seconds at 3-5 mph then stops won’t go again for about 30 minutes. any ideas? thank you

Hi - well you know about bosses - nuff said! With no more info - sounds like the Tachometer signal from the motor to the controller has stopped. Look at the shaft end of the motor (opposite the gear box) you should see a little round device mounted on the motor with two or three wires going to a connector - then on to the motor controller mounted on the fire wall. The connector could have come loose, the device come loose from the motor, or the device has failed. Not uncommon. You can check it with a voltmeter - or buy a replacement on ebay for a few bucks. It’s the first thing I would check - the controller looks for this signal to insure the motor is turning - if it doesn’t see the tach signal within a few seconds of commanding the motor to run - it will shut down to protect the motor. Impress your boss - and ask for a raise!! :slight_smile:

thank you so much will check asap.