Anyone near KC that can fix a GEM?

2010 Gem eLXD - just stopped running. I’ve had my service guy working on it for a week and he can’t figure it out. Who can I Call?! Desperate! It’s a concession cart and every day it’s down it’s costing me $100s

@MikeKC Knows all. See if you can get it to him.
Any error codes? Display lit up?
Lights work?
Clunks when key is on? And again when throttle is pressed?
Charge plug symbol when plugged in?

@Inwo - your very kind… :slight_smile:
Very good questions tho, can you answer Dave’s questions above to help get us started? Stopped running can mean a lot of different things.

Can I connect you with my service guy - he’s worked hard trying to figure it out and he’s a smart dude. Display is totally dead - we have replaced the computer and apparently that is not it. My guy is following the power in an out of all relays today and he thought maybe that was it - just feels like he is guessing right now and I don’t have time for him to eventually stumble on the issue. Can I call you - my # 913-709-3370

I’m betting your service mechanic will get it working the moment he clears out what is left in your concessions cart.

@MikeKC 2010 gem quits running. Have changed computer, chased everything and am stumped. Sounds fimiliar like that 2010 6 seater that “ran when parked” we worked on not to long ago.

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I spoke to them last night, we are working the problem.

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Got him up and running -
Bad DC/DC Converter and bad parking brake circuit.

Good to GO…