My 2009 e2 1890 Miles looks new. NO DIRT under hood. I stored without cutting of the battery disconnect,In garage . Ok charged and reads 77v (gell Cell). Frist test 6 miles and yellow temp light. motor slowed . Next time 10 miles. It still gets yellow alarm NO CODE smell motor hot. ANY ideas? YES I AM A NEWBE! Thanks for your help.

Things to keep in mind. As your voltage lowers in your battery pack the Amps Rise. More amps = More Heat.

Check out the thread called Cool Air Kit for some ideas to cool your Motor.

I think code 41 is a CONTROLLER over heat Not Motor. So bring or get your hands on a laser temp meter. Normal motor temps can range in the 180-200 range

I heard @grantwest was going to move to Alaska to solve his Error 41 issues :slight_smile:

^^^ So your saying the polar ice caps are not melting fast enough? You want me to move to Alaska and make things worse?

I do not understand, I have no code. I guess one is saying the batteries may dropping.

THANKS I WILL CHECK THAT. I expect they are original 2009. But they were strong and no issue last year. May have damaged them when I allowed them to drain .

check each battery voltage separately . If one battery 2 volts lower then rest , you have a bad cell

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They all read 13 v. + / - .2v . Thought it might be because running almost wide open speed. But tried much slower. 6.2 miles temp WARNING light plus Noticeable lower speed. Have not been using often. Likely batteries THOUGH.

This 2009 Gem E2 with only 1950 miles was parked in a resort where 2 mile runs were the longest. So we used it with out going 5 miles and it did not run hot. I recently brought it home to use in a different environment. 10 to 15 miles ? So i bought 6 new Deka Gel 8g31 . No help about 5 miles and the High Temp light comes on and speed is greatly effected. So I’m back to High temp alarm after 5 miles. My question could this be sticking Brushes? Can they be cleaned by removing the hinged strap from around the motor?

does it show an error code or the symbol on the dash ?

no code just the temp alarm on screen above TRIP and below BRAKE. I can smell motor is hot.

Symbol = alarm?? :grinning:

That’s you motor . Does speedo still work correctly ? If so my guess would be brushes . oldhouseboater Is the expert here on this .

Yes speedo works. I’m guessing . Brushes? Thanks I will search for how tow clean brushes.

Is it possable you don’t have the temp sence on the motor hooked up. If you do t have the temp sence booked up
Or jumperd out then the car will only go 5Mph and the temp sence on the dash will show a thermostat in yellow on the left side of the digital dash

i have not looked at the temp sensor . But it runs great up to 5 miles and up to 27 mph . Then the yellow temp light comes on and speed varies I smell a hot motor . then It cools and will go another 5 miles. My batteries were date code c2 2012? Same thing with those and 5 miles ! I was told a year ago this was caused by one bad battery. the longest drive at one time was 3 miles so all was ok. Because of Covid 19 we are not traveling. so i brought it home. Great for evening drives in bigger neighborhood. So i bought new batteries. But same issue 5 mile limit. Only 1950 miles since new. Nothing every done to it. Dealer no longer open. 100 miles away. ANYONE suggest cleaning brushes?

@Old_Houseboater calling Rodney

Temp code is (controller over temp) Jack the cart up and check for dragging brakes.

Best thing to do is check everything with an Infrared (IR) temperature gun. setting for years could have affected brake cables shoes etc.

@Old_Houseboater saved us both alot of work with the above suggestion !!! Found that my brakes were dragging. The IR temp gun is the key.

yes left rear was sticking a little. likely more as it gets hot. No time to remove drum today. will check next week. THANKS !!! Do i Remove the axel nut to take the drum off? TAHNKS AGAIN !!!

No - you have to remove the 2 small screws in the face of the drum.