Gem 2002 turns on for 3 seconds and then dies.

Hello all, I’m new to the forum, trying to see if anyone experienced the same issue that I am having.

Gem 2002 turns on for 3 seconds and then dies.

I have 2002 Gem e825 I have this car for the past 3 years and never had this issues before. When I got this car I replaced original Zivan charger with Delta Q and everything was working fine for 2 years. Then in the beginning of last year season I put in new Trojan batteries and the car run perfect for 4 month, I then removed the batteries for the winter and keep them in the garage charging with the spare Zivan charger. Now when I was getting the Gem car ready for this season I put the batteries back in the car turn on safety switch and car display turns on for 3 seconds then turns off, I then turn on ignition and I hear relay switching on but nothing happens.

Batteries charged 100% and even in the car its charging fine.
Lights all work. Front, back, break lights
Wiper work
Horn works

I checked hand break switch and it fine, checked fuse that’s fine, I checked interlock and that’s fine as well. I hear relay turning on and off when I turn ignition key. Checked Voltage and I get 75V all the way to the controller and voltage disappears when I turn off ignition key.

What I noticed is when I toggle ignition key for four times I get it to turn on for 3 seconds its cycling speed, mileage, and battery % and then just dies. No error massages no sound.

Please help

Mine did that the other day after it sat for a month. I turned the master switch off and tested the batteries and when I turned it back on everyhting worked normal. Mine sits outside with a cover on it but we have had a ton of rain lately. Im wondering if it was moisture related.

I have mine also outside covered and we also had lots of rain. I have it sitting with switch off, I will try it again over the weekend.

I have an update. Was able to fix it, replaced intelocking relay and it works now. Apparently at one point previous owner replaced DC/DC converter with a newer Sure power unit and made very poor wire splicings, it’s a messy job. Cleaned up and replaced interlocking relay and it warms like new.