PLEASE help me with my gem

I bought this used 2002 gem e825 was told it’s in excellent condition just needs batteries. I go get batteries about 2 days later and I install them. I flip the master switch and the key the error code 15 shows up with the buzzer noise going off and the right blinker is on but it’s not blinking and the stock is in the off position. so I charge it overnight and it’s still the same.(it has a delta q charger) Thank you guys so much. :grinning:

Code 15 is low voltage. On my 2002, the right directional indicator light stays on for say 10 seconds then goes out, its to remind you to put on your seat belt.

Did you buy Gel or Flooded batteries?

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I have flooded batteries

Check the fluid level in the batteries. Make sure the delta q is fully charging, there are a series of LED’ on the side…


Oh ok i will check. thank you so much!

I don’t see that indicator.

It might be on the underside. The front panel comes off easily with the three 3/8" sheet metal screws.

oh ok I will check the other side thanks

i found it it gave a low voltage fault code. so i unpluged it to reset and now there is a yellow light next to the squiggle thing which the manual says means normal voltage but the charge percentage lights are not on.

That squiggle line shows that AC power is present in the charger. Are you sure that the charger is hooked to the car properly? I would double check to make sure you didnt miss something.

I don’t know if I wired the master switch correctly.

what do you mean when the charger is wired correctly?

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there is also a solid light next to the ii

It’s not. You have it between two negative terminals (parallel wiring) the system is supposed to be wired in series.

the lower battery (passenger side, outboard) in your picture is installed and wired correctly, The one inboard of it is wired backwards. you want to wire the batteries in series. + to -

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@JarJarJava is right. All batteries go pos to neg and so on. Series connections to bring up voltage to 72v.


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its still me but i cant reply anymore on my other account because ive reached the limit. i rewired and the headlights work but still error 15 and the charger error light flashes 6 times. thanks

If you accidentally put one in parallel the total voltage will be 60v, that will give you error 15, but should still power accessories I think, thats why the headlights work. I had a battery diagram, I think it was from @grantwest but I cant seem to find it. He may chime in with it.

does anyone have a picture of how they wired their batteries?

There is a wiring diagram on page 48 (pdf page #) of the manual, but it’s pretty basic. Maybe not the same drawing as @chris1 is speaking of.

Normally I would say never trust the color coded boot ends and always trace the wires. check the terminal markings, but in this case, you can’t read them for all the dirt and grime on my batteries, so for these photos, know that I have the red caps on positive and the black ones on negative.

you can’t see the wire bundle that well because of the support bracket, but the forward facing connection on the two batteries in the middle is negative (passenger side battery) to positive of the driver side battery. The battery on the outboard left under the driver seat (right most in this photo) has the long negative lead that goes to the front of the car hooked up.