2001 E825 wont charge. error code 15

We had a PG&E power failure some months ago and since then my Gem wont charge. I checked the main 400 amp fuse. There is a 15 error code. I manually charged all the batteries to the 65% range. However when I plug in the 110v there isn’t any LED that comes on. No red, yellow or green. Nothing, But when I turn on the key and release the brake I get an error code 15. I can drive it, but it wont charge. The batteries are two years old. Has anybody had a similar problem?

15 means low batteries. Be sure you fully charge them manually. The charger will not work at all if the batteries are very low. I believe your charger is not getting power. Check that 120 volt power is reaching the terminals inside the charger. Check for continuity across the fuse inside the charger. These 16 amp fuses are available from Fuseco. Check elsewhere on this forum for the number.


Thanks, I’ll check the fuse and the batteries.

I checked the voltage going into the Zivan charger and it reads 117 volts. I checked the voltage coming out of the charger on the + and - wires and it reads “0”. I bought a 16 amp fuse like you suggested, however I can’t fine where the fuse is. Do I have to remove the cover on the charger? Or is there another device that controls the charger that is causing it not to charge? I also charged the batteries with my handy Sears Battery charger and the indicator now reads 95% but still no other lights.

The charger is controlled by the key switch and parking brake interlock. This is to prevent one from driving off with the cord still plugged in. To access the fuse, unplug the 120 volt cord from the charger and then open the master switch under the seat. Remove the dash and then remove the charger. Remove the black plastic cover from the charger and look for the fuse.


Another Problem could be Your batteries, Have you Checked the water in them? if you have a multimeter check how much voltage each one has

I have 2001 E825… I have replaced all the batteries and all we great… Could play 18 holes and drive to and from the course with mid to high 80s battery left… last to times out, i got about 12 holes before i had power issuses… with 4th coming up, i wanted to get it resolved… I thought maybe I had one battery that was bad… CHECKEd all 6 today… lowest was 815 on a 845 battery…

all the cables appear to be tight… i have a ride for run charger new last year…

any ideas? playin in tournament and running out of power SUCKs…