2002 gem electrical problems

need help, I started working on a 2002 2 seater gem car. bought all new batteries and installed them. turned the kill switch on and dash lights go on and off. this is not the problem as my other one does the same thing. I turn on the ignition key on no lights…nothing. I have power to the motor and to the charger ( both ends of the charger ). again no lights, no horn, nothing.
what should I be looking at.
checked all the fuses all good

also, when I plug it in the dash light flashes yellow and there is a beeping. I checked the emergency brake and its on.

I just had the same problem with my 4 seater.
There was a recall once that replaced the dc to dc converter when that happened they add a timer relay and another relay beside it. It is a 12 volt relay with 1 no contact. On mine that relay was stuck and was blowing the 5 amp fuse under the hood bottom right.
I removed the relay and worked the coil with a 12 volt source and checked the contacts for continuity. When I got it working my contactor picked up and all was ok

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