2002 gem issues

Hello new to the forum and just bought a used 2002 GEM e4for that hasn’t ran in six years

First like to say hello and I’m excited to be a part of this forum.

Well let’s start and say I picked up this gym for a super good deal but it’s pretty dirty and corroded. I hope to take the time to fix everything up and eventually have a nice rebuilt car. The first step obviously is to get batteries in the car. I purchased new batteries today and plugged everything in to see what works and what doesn’t. Well I discovered A few things. After talking to polaris I realized I have the old 12 V converter board. It was never replaced under warranty. Got to call into a dealer tomorrow to see if they will even replace it still.

Let me say that I’m pretty handy and not to shabby with electric or at least understanding how it works
So I have 72 V to the fuse side of the contactor. When I turn the key on the contactor does not make contact. I can manually push it in and the dash display is my mileage for about two seconds and shuts off. I test the voltage even when I manually press the contactor in on the left side or out side of the contactor and I’m only getting 3 V? I imagine that this is a problem. So hopefully I will get in contact with a dealer tomorrow and see if they will replace the whole board under warranty. But until then I’m anxious to see if the motor runs and what doesn’t does not work.
I tried jumping the ignition wires to make it work and it still did nothing.

My question is is it a bad idea to take a wire and jump it from the fuse side of the contactor straight to the controller? I’m guessing the contactor is bad and that is the next step of things to replace. But is there anything I can do to move past this or do you guys have any advice as to maybe something else is wrong or what to try next?

Thanks in advance


Yes it’s a super bad idea. Take an hour and read all the posts in the 5 GEM forums. Your problem is not unique.

Google 2001 -2004 GEM SERVICE manual and download it. theres a good trouble shooting tree in it.

Let them change out the DC/DC converter first. Lots of signals go thru the converter

I recently went over the service manual and it stated after all of my checks that I need a new board.

So my next question is how do I go about getting a repair one or a new one? Also I found out that I have the Old recalled board that was supposed to be fixed for a safety recall. The previous owner or owners had never had it done.

Also what are the five forms for these cars?

You take it to the dealer and he changes it out. Also the emergency brake assy is warrenteed.

Go down the forums to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles open the Global Electric Motors heading.

Ok so I just discovered that there was no fuses in the doc converter. Put 2 fuses in and the cart fired right up. The motor and everythin see,so to run fun. Have to do some brake repair so I didn’t take it out on the road yet.

Next question is that when I turn the master switch on even with the key off the car powers on. Turn the key on and off does nothing. I took the wires off the back of the ignition switch and the power still stays on. What do you think the problem might be?