GE to D&D motor swap issue

My 2011 E6 with a GE 7 horsepower motor it had a growl when backing off the throttle. I send it to the shop for rebuilding. Meanwhile installed a used 2014 Polaris D&D motor. The issue I see now is I can only get it to 15 miles an hour? where the old GE motor I got it to go to 30. I have a rebuilt T4 that was done by fsip and I’m not sure whether the Polaris Motor has a problem or is there a programming issue? Any ideas?

Take the switch out of turf mode.

Turf or high no difference.

The old motor have a 2 pole magnet maybe?
What is a Polaris D&D motor?
Is it limiting at 15 or runs out of power?
Faster downhill?

3 wire tach. Plug the same. Downhill picks up speed but flats still at 15.

What is a Polaris d&d motor ?

The label on the motor said Polaris 2014 D&D. I will take a few pictures and post them

The Polaris label fell off.

Also I believe this motor has a connector that is for a overheat sensor. The guy I got it from replaced the wiring and connector with spade connectors. Need to find this male connector at the local Components shop. Without it connected could it would it lock it to low speed?

Take the 2 wires that come from your harness and plug into the motor heat sensor and short them together . that will do it


Ok I tried shoving the wires on the pins but i think it did nothing to change the speed above 15mph.
I will pick up the connector in the morning. Now shorting them after connecting? That lost me? The GE wires were black cut off and spliced at the removable brush shield. Are they polarize?

no . The 2 wire plug from the Gem harness that normally plugs into the motor . Take a piece of wire and stick it into the plug . Your gem is looking for the temp sensor in the motor and cant find it so it is limiting the top speed to 15 mph . shorting the wire overrides it .

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Great! Now it make sense. Thermal switch. Opens on overheat. I did not look at the diagram yet. Picking up the connector to add back to the harness.

Update: added the connector ( old Seadoo harness uses the same connector) to the harness and plugged it in. No heat icon and was able to do 27mph. The GE motor did 30mph though?