Gas to EV Scooter conversion

Technology Teacher needs help?

I am working on a gas Adly scooter to new Evader brand electric rear end and other parts. I removed everything gas related and just ordered a 48v- 5amp charger today. I need a source for 2 1/8" dia. volt and amp gauges that safely handle 48v . I have four Interstate deep cycle batteries which are 12v /35 A/H. I need to be able to monitor them along the way. A main disconnect or keyed switch which is also a 48v capable?

Any ideas here?


I’m doing a 48V motorcycle and I got my gauges from Ebay there are quite a few different ones on there.

These are the ones I went with :

The battery meter measures 2-3/16’'O.D. X1-3/4 deep

The amp meter measures 72 mm x 72 mm x 45 mm

Now I just have to figure out where I am going to mount them LOL…

well, I’m not sure if there’s interest, but the controller I’m helping with has an interface to a PDA. Its programmable in VB, and you can put a ton of stuff on it. All you need is a small DAQ board.

Is there interest to drive a product? I mean, lots of people want gauges for current/voltage… would they like a unit that could interface to a PDA to display? Right now we have a unit that can monitor up to 18 batteries, and current at the battery. Its just for test, but we may be able to supply a product if need is high.