Gas spring replacement

Hi: My gas spring for my trunkback (cargo area box in the back of the gem car) does not work anymore. When you lift the lid, lid does not stay open. I tried calling/internet etc looking for a replacement part and no luck. Your local auto store (autozone, etc) don’t carry anything which would work. Polaris dealer wants to charge me 69 dollars plus shipping charge for that (must be crazy to pay that much). Any suggestions, thanks Manny

Most at RV places. Take the original with ya. They are available in several lengths, about 29 bucks.

I have replaced all of the gas springs on our GEM with the aluminum enclosure. First you must match up the physical dimensions and the connectors at each end. Then you must match up the strength of the spring with is rated in pounds. For example, our larger (and heavier) side doors take 50 pound springs, but the smaller (and lighter) rear door takes 20 pound springs. They look the same, but one is much stiffer. Sometimes, there is a number on the spring. Our local NAPA matched them up.


Amazon has all kinds for less than $20 too if the local auto parts store don’t have them.

Camping World sells a variety of them also. They have local stores in many areas of the U.S. or they are also online.

This is an old thread but nobody answered the question and I am in need of a replacement gas strut for the Trunkback. As mentioned, not only do we need the extended length and the proper connections at the ends but we also need to know the lift weight/strength.

Does anyone have a part number or link to one which worked for them? Or know the specs needed?

I took my old one to O’Reilly Auto Parts and matched it to one on the shelf, working for about 3 years.

Thanks, I’ll do that and if it works I’ll post the part number so others can purchase online and/or cross match the part to others.

My O’reiley wasn’t so helpful. We found nothing which matched on the shelf and on the computer the ones similar size were ball clip on ends…

Do you have a part number on the strut I can try to lookup?

Stabilus sg359011. Believe I bought the ball studs separate when I got the support. Been a few years.

This is the closest I’ve come to finding specs. Looks like:
Max lengh = 17.4"
Min length = 11.8"
force = 75lbs

I’ll make measurements on mine to verify. But $55 + tx + S/H while most struts are under $20.

Above part # is $14.48 on Amazon.

I was writing it off because it wasn’t a direct replacement. But now I see there are ball studs for $10-$12 which would bolt into the holes on the existing brackets. Ok, that’s doable. Thanks.

the listing shows only 40 lbs of force while the spec’s of the direct replacement shows 75 lbs… is your Backpack the newer one with 2 struts or the older one with one in the center? If two, then 2 * 40=80 lbs and that makes sense but probably won’t work since it’s half the rated force.

my weak one tests at ~30 lbs and does not keep the lid open.

As I said, been working for years. The wife uses the trunk daily. 08 factory trunk with single gas strut in middle.

Measure it and look on ebay. Get the strong one. They come in different strengths


I’m wondering if the 2002 model lids were heavier( it is thick fiberglass and there’s an outer shell and inner layer) and that’s why it was spec’ed at 75 lbs. Also why the old one, at 30 lbs, does nothing to help lift and hold the lid. I’ll purchase the 90 lbs and if it’s too strong I may get the 40 lbs one or look for one between 40 and 90 lbs.

I used the old one along side the new one. worked good.


Right, 30 lbs old one plus 40 lbs new one equals 70 lbs. LOL
You probably just used a long bolt instead of the stock one to get one strut on each side of the mounts.