Softer springs for GEM

Since I coverted to Lithium batteries and went to a lower profile sidewall tire, my GEM feels like it is riding on iron. Has anyone found softer springs to use?

What year is your GEM?

From his profile pic it looks to be a 2001-2002

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@Jonathan_Cushing are you using these and if so front back or both?



Using in back required cutting of fender and adjusting the springs all the way. Just installed to replace the air shocks that wouldn’t hold air. I couldn’t find a leak and this offers some adjustment options.

So few questions:

Are u running a Lithium kit in your gem? Is your cart lighter then stock?

What’s the ride like. Softer/ harder/ same?

Its a 2003…

read OP…

Ok so what’s the result of these new shocks you installed

Will have to wait till March to try them out.

So, I’ve been using the new shocks now for 3 weeks. When I installed them I thought that they might be a little too light, but after some use I think that they are just about right. I do have them aired up to their max 70#. The ride is much smoother.

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Have you tried a full (3 large pass + driver) load yet?
Mine rides very differently between just me and a full load. Was hoping lithium conversion would allow more people load but apparently I’ll suffer more by myself. Don’t always have a full load, so was looking at these as maybe an adjustable choice.
70 psi with just one or full load?
Very interested in your input. Thank you.

Mine is just a two seater. No, It’s just me. I rarely have passengers. I do usually carry 60 pounds or so in the truck.