Adjustable Shock's

Has anyone tried these Adjustable Gem car shock’s From

I started out with Progressive Suspension’s Air Shock from a Honda Goldwing. They were progressive 416 Series. I did all my testing with all the body work removed.
After I got my car painted and all put back together I started having rubbing issues (mainly with the rear) when the car was fully loaded. The 416 Air shocks were maxed out and I couldn’t find a heavier spring. I do think they would work well on a 2 seater. But with my car when 4 people are inside the rear fender is making contact with the body. So I abandoned the Air shocks and switched back to stock Gem Car shocks. They work fine.

I happen to notice Adjustable air shocks on their website. $120 each/
I talked to Evan. He said they are a re-made or copy GEM car shock with the adjustable spring or Pre load. He said in the soft position the car has the same ride as a stock gem car. But if you adjust them up you get about 3/4 to 1 inc higher ride height and a heavier payload. I puled the trigger on 4 of them they should be here soon.

Im trying to lift my car about 1 inch so these should do the trick

I got my new shocks in and installed. The stock setting is very soft. There is 5 settings that pre-load the shock. My stock ride height was 5-7/8 in the front after adjusting the shocks to the stiffest setting the ride height was around 6-1/2 it’s not that the stiffer setting makes the shock longer it just dosent let the car sag as much. The ride seems only slightly stiffer from hard to soft. I will report back after I have a full load my testing was done with only 2 people in the car

Just curious how your shocks are riding after having them for a while,
Is the ride smoother than with the stock shocks and how are they with 4 adults.
I am looking to find a way to smooth out the ride if possible,

Tim: the adjustable shocks seem to be about as “soft” as a pair of stock shocks in the 2nd position. Example the shocks seem a bit softer in the lowest setting. As you adjust or turn the shocks UP the car will or can raise as much as 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch in the most stiff position. Intresting timing on this subject. Because when I took all the weight of the lead acid batterys out of my car the shocks I are now to stiff, and I’m gonna switch back to air shocks that were way to soft. When the car was over weight.
Let me know if your intrested because I will be selling my Adjustable shocks.

Hi Gwest,
I have a 2002 e825 4 seater. I noticed on the website where you got these
It states 2005 or newer. Will these fit on mine and did you do all 4 shocks.
I am pretty sure mine are the original shocks so I am looking to soften
The ride if possible. I have 16" rims with low profile tires so I am sure
That is part of the reason for my stiffer ride but wondering if these might

I think there is a few different styles of shocks on the website. I’m 100% sure these shocks will bolt right up to your 2002

I just purchased four of the adjustable shocks from NEV to get more clearance from my wheels(14" rim and 185/65R14 tires). They have been rubbing on the front fenders and body of my 2002 e825 gem since I replaced my batteries (T 1275’s).
Does anyone know how to adjust these shocks? Hoping to adjust to 5 from 1 to get extra clearance.
Thanks in advance,

The shocks should have come with a tool that grabs the shock at the bottom and allows u to adjust the shock up or doen

Thanks, they are sending me one now!

This is what your stock adjustment tool should look like

First time Gem Owner. Does anyone know where to look for a front shock, that has an 11 1/2" or 12" eye to eye that will work on these cars. Preferably not heavy duty. The 2007 ELXD I just bought has had modifications to the stock shock mount so that’s why the non stock size.

Hummm your in for some experimentation.
The perfect after market Gem Shock still alludes many here in the Fourm. You can search a thread called “a little fresh air” it’s about members trying to find a after market shock. Perhaps you can find some valuable info for your project in that thread

Try this

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out and let you know what I find.

Thinking about getting those shocks! How are they? can you adjust them when they are on or do you need to before?

Thinking the same thing, Grant have you been happy with these adjustables? Have they sagged at all in the last couple years?