Banjo Bolt (0522-00170) replacement

Was doing a brake job on a 2002 GEM with drum brakes. When I was putting on the brake line for the front brakes, I managed to break the banjo bolt. Gem part number 0522-00170. I’ve tried just about every auto parts store near me and no one has a direct replacement.

Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement? even nevaccessories doesn’t carry them. They have just about everything else for the drum brakes but not the bolts. Is there a cross reference for a current polaris part?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried ?

It’s the GEM car website for Beck Chrysler in Florida. They actually have a parts advisor for GEM cars. His contact info is below:

386-328-8863 EXT 161
888-677-4961 EXT 161

@JarJarJava have an email out to them and will call tomorrow. Was hoping there was some easily cross-referenceable part that someone might know about. Trying my local Polaris dealer too.

Guess I’ve just gotten spoiled by the world of Amazon prime :wink:

No doubt. I’m sure that Grainger or McMaster-Carr or maybe even a local hydraulic shop could sell you the part, if we knew the size and thread pitch.

I’m sure I have one. Or 3

@grantwest if you happen to find one… happy to paypal you some $$ for it.

Heard back from nic “that bolt is discontinued i can no longer get it”

I just changed over to a disc brake kit on my 2000 four seater. I can’t remember if this bolt was a leftover part of not. If so I will be more than happy to send it to you. @grantwest @LithiumGods @Inwo @Old_Houseboater do you recall if this was a leftover when you did a disc brake conversion?

I know that I have a extra one, I’ll go digging this weekend. I’m not near the parts until this weekend sorry

@bundcur I did the disk brake conversion on my 2000 and it’s a leftover part. I sent it back with the core though to Nevaccessories for the deposit… although I don’t think I had to include the brake line, banjo bolt, etc. At the time, I was thinking… when will I ever need these in the future :wink:

I’m going to give NevAcc a call when they open up to see if they have any extras…

If you happen to have them and don’t need them, would be a huge help to me. This is for my 2002 flip experiment I started back in November. Was supposed to be a few week project but here we are 6 months later. HA. this one bolt is holding me up from getting it back together, listed, and out of the garage… and then I can start on my lithium project on the 2000 where I have the disk brakes installed.

Thanks everyone for helping me out!

I’m all set… used and found someone that parts these old GEMs out in phoenix. Turns out same guys I’ve bought a bunch of other parts from on ebay (user clvend). $15 with shipping included.

Thank you SO much to everyone for the willingness to help out!

You should measure a banjo bolt and select in the catalog of metal products. Not required to search for OEM spare parts

up here… even better, nevaccessories has a ton of them. They sold it to me for basically nothing. Paid more in shipping.