FurorBikes frame for dirt bike with BLDC motor

Hello to all lovers of electric transport!
My name is Bogdan Rudenko.
I am a design engineer from the city of Kiev, Ukraine

I want to talk about my new draft frame for a dirt bike with a BLDC motor.

My job is to make a universal frame.

Already, a lot of motors can be installed on the frame.

The battery compartment has three boot options and large dimensions.

Different types of shock absorber suspension.

And there are other modifications.
The frame will be the basis for enduro, street, or sports motorcycle.

Modification is possible due to replaceable plastic panels. The fixing points are the same for the three types.
Material: steel (st3,st20).
Weight: 13.5 kg.
Now the final test stage of the first sample is in progress.

Three individual frame variants will be produced soon under three different engines.
We are already doing frames.

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How’s it going along. I’m thinking of doing something similar.