My Home Brew E-Cycle

3 hp motor, 300 amp kelly controller and two 55 amp hr batterys…
30 mph top speed, fast enought for bike wheels. Only draws 5 to 8 amps
20 to 25 mph…

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that is really nice! great to see it.

this is awesome! how much do you have invested in this? im very intrigued

I have not added it all up yet but I think its right around 1200 bucks so far.
when i got the front suspension fork, I thought i could modify it for my disk brake but its not going to work, so i ordered a different one… so i think i am close to 1500 so far in cost…It is sure nice to ride…I have learned a lot building this and I think I could cut down on the cost a lot if I do another one…
check out my web site…

that is great but its battery is so big.

Love the bike ,
nice work.
Nice lathe and mill too.