Here is a Home Made Electric Bike

pretty neat.

From the Thrustpac to this, it seems to me that bikers around the world are getting tired of pedaling. Slofly build this bicycle using a Lipoly battery, 40A/60A speed control, servo tester and a an 8-ounce 16V 50A motor.



The blue box looks an awful lot like the CyclAnalyst from

I think it is a Astro flight “watts meter”. They are used alot in the radio control world. I have an older model that is black.

i wish there was a pedel assist to basicly multiply the force you pedel by using electric assistance… so when you peddel it takes your power your giving it and addes it on to effectively double the output. 0-60 times in about 5-8 seconds :smiley: lmao

Part 1

Part 2

Project is made to attract attention to batteries and motor.
I do not like the danger or noise of prop on back but it is fun.
Goal is to have home made or cheap reduction gear for the motor which helps power the chain so it is easier to pedal.

The first version does not need freewheels and it is okay if it spins the pedals.
I’m matching motor size and gear ratio and voltage to our needs.

Help create a reduction gear with your knowledge of existing parts.
we can design one on the forum and link to existing ones.



I’d like to recreate that on my e-bike.