FS: 1973 VW Squareback- Lithium w/BMS

1973 VW Squareback converted to run on Lithium batteries. This is a great car with an awesome interior that was finished just before I purchased it several years ago. I still have the back seat in case you want to move the rear batteries and put it back in there. I did the whole conversion so it would be reversible. the whole factory fuel injection computer and harness are still in there as well.

new brakes on all 4 corners, new ball joints, new shocks, new CV boot on drivers side. new speedometer cable. a ton of new stuff. this was my daily driver before I made it this project, then it was my daily driver with lead-acid batteries before I decided to go with the lithium pack. it’s a great car, it just needs someone to do the finishing touches. it should have a range near 100 miles/charge.

The car is complete and drivable as of 12/26/13. I haven’t driven it very far yet, but I’ll have driven it in the next few days and can answer specific questions on range, speed, etc…

don’t hesitate to [B]email [/B]me with more specific questions if you’re interested. I don’t check the forums ever really, so please EMAIL me. [B][U]mikesargetakis at gmail dot com[/U][/B] I really think it’ll be a great car with just a little more effort and a small investment, I’m just not in a place to spend any more time or money on it.

I spent over $7500 on batteries, charger, and management system. the initial outlay for the motor, controller, mounting plate, and other misc conversion parts was well over $3,000. the car without the parts is worth at least $2,000 so I think this is a fair price to start with. cash only, unless you’ve got an older 911 you want to trade.

Major Electric conversion parts:
WarP9 Motor
Logisystems 120v 500a controller
30 160ah BestGo cells, brand new, less than 1 mile on them
TC Charger w/CanBus communication, brand new
partially functional Ligoo BMS system
Air-Cooled VW plate and flywheel mount for WarP/ImPulse motors.

Pictures available with an email, since I’m not an “active member” I can’t post my picasa pictures.

please email me rather than PM as I don’t check the forums ever really. mikesargetakis at gmail dot com


Did you manage to find a buyer for this one?