Four 24v Tesla Batteries to replace AGM Distance Batteries?

I’m considering about investing in FOUR 24V Tesla Batteries Salvaged from a 2018 Model S. Is it possible to connect them all in parallel and in series in a balanced way, or would you guys still recommend the Chevy Bolt and Volt, Nissal Leafs Lithium Ion salvaged batteries over the Tesla?

The Tesla gets like 230 miles on a charge with a total of 16 of these.

If I connected FOUR 24v Tesla Batteries in Series, it increases the voltage to 96, but the Amp Hours stays the same?

But what if I connected the FOUR 24v Tesla Batteries in Series by two and both also connected Paralell, I can achieve 48v and 500AMP Hours?

Do y’all still recommend the Chevy Bolt or Volt or Nissan Leaf Batteries over these Tesla Batteries made out of Four-hundred and fourty-four 18650 batteries each?

You can do it if you can find the room. I am running a Model 3 module in my 16’ E4, it is the best thing ever. 240ah/98v. BUT, it is 6.5ft long and will not fit for most applications. Where would you put the 4 24v modules?

Stick with tested solutions, unless you are willing to take the risk. Configuring lithium batteries is not trivial.
If you have trouble balancing lead batteries, which is pretty easy, do not attempt a novel lithium project. IMO
It is much much more than dropping in replacements.

Hard to tell you if it would work if you dont tell us year and make of the Gem you are trying to put them in .

Sorry about that; but yeah I have a 2016 GEM e4. I think there is plenty of space for four of these modules where the existing 4 AGM distance batteries are now.

The dimensions of the current AGM battery is:

Capacity: 120AH
Height: 8.9 inches
Width: 7 inches
Length 16inches
Weight 88lbs

The dimensions of the Tesla Battery Module is:

Capacity: 232Ah, 5.3kWh
Height: 3.1 Inches
Width: 11.9 Inches
Length: 26.2 Inches
Weight: 55 Pounds

There’s no doubt in my mind, that these Tesla. Batteries would fit, I just need a solution to give me my maximum range and allow me to do so using the 12:35:1 gear ratio as opposed to the 17:35:1 current stock gear.

Should work if you can manage the bms wiring.
2 modules should be plenty.

80v Bolt install:

It might work . They dont state battery config but i’m guessing 6s . so 2 in series 12s . You absolutely dont want to charge them to 100% . 4.1v is max . I personally would want a higher pack voltage if your are going to run 12.xx gears .

You will need a good BMS and possible charger reprogram . Should be an interesting test .

I believe that Grant tested at 16s 60v.

That is what I have, if you want a M3 battery you can cut a small hole from the back battery compartment into the cabin area and just slide the whole battery in on the floor. That is what I did on mine. It does not interfere with anyone’s feet or access in or out of the car. I just need to put some black star board over it to match the black floor and it will look factory.


interesting Mike, can you post a pic?

Here you go. The battery is 3" high and 12" wide - six feet long!!
I cut a hole in the back panel and just slid the battery in from the back. There is about 2.5 feet in the rear trunk and the rest runs though the passenger compartment. It is the perfect length in that it stop before the edge of the front seats so it does not interfere with the rear or front riders feet. All I have to do is cover it in black starboard or something to make it look factory. You can walk on it and it is completely water proof. This battery is 100v/240ah (25S - but they have a 23S), By real world calculation I can go about 80 miles on a charge from 98.8 to 70v. However I have a real problem getting the battery below 90v as I don’t have anywhere to drive it more than 10 - 15 miles. Tesla builds a hell of a battery, I have been using now for almost six months, I have a BMS on it just to monitor the cells but not really balancing them and all the cells are within 30mv of each other. I won’t build another personal car without using a Tesla battery.