Ford Think Supplier reference

When I purchased my Think 10 months ago, I came to realize that it had 5 AGM mismatched batteries and 1 flooded battery. The charger was original and never replaced. David_Illingworth led me through diagnosing that the charger had gone bad. He also mentioned the evdrives had a good price on them but I would need to get a mounting bracket. Upon searching for one, I found a website Electrons in Motion owned by Scott. He seemed very knowledgeable but wanted me to purchase the charger (with built-in DC/DC converter which I don’t need as I just replaced), mounting bracket, and wiring kit with instructions (and phone support if I bought it all from him) at a cost of approximately $1,000.00 plus shipping. Since I am on a budget to get this back on the road, he recommended that instead of worrying about batteries that I should send him my instrument cluster to be modified at a cost of just under $400.00 if it is still working properly which it is. He didn’t want to reveal the purpose of the modification due to it being a specialty of his. As I stated earlier, he seemed quite knowledgeable and I would like to find out if anyone has done business with him before and how they felt about it all. To be properly done right, I would need to replace the batteries with DEKA 8G31 batteries at a cost of about $1800.00. This all totals more than I paid for the rig but I really like it. I have been driving my neighbors brand new EZ-GO for a few days and miss my Think. If anyone else has thoughts about completing this project on a budget, please respond. Thanks, Bob

That’s an interesting topic you brought up. Thank you for the information.