Ford Think - locked steering and front wheels

Hi- I’m new here and thanks the forum I’ve already read thru the Service Manual. My daughter ran the front right wheel into a tree which has locked up the steering wheel and front tires. Any thoughts on where to start in fixing this? The manual doesn’t have blowout images of the engine, so I assume I’m on my own here. Any help appreciated.

This is going to be a tough one to scrap up an easy answer for as we have no idea to the extent of the damage to the car or the extent of your skill set in regards to the abilities to perform any repairs.

Perhaps if you post a few pictures?

If you want an honest answer given the information as it stands I’d say take the car to a qualified mechanic/specialist and have him give you an estimate.

If she hit only the right wheel, it may have bent something, causing the steering wheel and left wheel, to not be able to move. The first thing I would look for is a bent frame or suspension.

As if: the tire is pushed back all the way into the fender well. It would not roll, and would not turn.

But I’d think that would be obvious.

Jack the front of the car and see if it acts different. Take the wheel off(if you can) and look around back there. Compare what you see to the other side.

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Two thoughts…
Freudian slip and no, not tough at all. All DaughterMulherron needed was a tree…

Look for obvious things that are bent. Remove outer tie rod ends by removing the nut and then hitting the steering knuckle hard with a big hammer right beside where the tie rod attaches. You will probably have to hit it multiply times. They will pretty much fall off once you have hit them enough. Don’t hit the tie rod end itself. Once they’re removed see if the steering still binds or if it’s one of the wheels. If the steering wheel still binds remove the lower steering column shaft at the rack and retest. If the steering wheel now turns freely you will need a new steering rack