Front end alignment II

I followed the instructions listed in another post and discovered that my rear measurement was .5" (1/2") greater than the front. The tires are wearing on the inside edges.

So I have excessive toe OUT?

How should I repair and get back in spec?

You need to adjust the tie rods to shorten the distance. On each side there is a jam nut that you will loosen then twist the rod to shorten the distance. Make small adjustments evenly to both sides. Once you have it where it needs to be (the specification for my GEM is + 1/16-inch toe-in), you tighten the jam nuts.

Official instructions from the service manual below. Ask Rodney ( for a copy as it includes some photos that might be helpful.


  1. Center front wheels.
  2. Inspect position of pinch bolt joining steering column shaft to steering gear. Ensure bolt is horizontal and under shaft. If necessary, turn steering wheel to position bolt. Remove and re-center steering wheel if required.
  3. Lash steering wheel in centered position.
  4. Loosen both jam nuts on both tie rods.
  5. Rotate tie rods so front wheels have specified toe- in.
  6. Tighten both jam nuts.

Thanks for the info. Now I’ve run into a problem. The tie rod ends won’t turn due to rust and 11 years of use without being turned.

Can I remove the tie rods completely so I can put them in a vise and use a large wrench to break them free? I dont see this in the service manual.

I’ve coated the threads with PB Blaster.

Did you get the jam but free? I’m not sure if the rods can be removed from the steering rack. I’ve never tried that. Let the PB Blaster spake for a bit and re-apply. Can try using some heat but don’t go crazy.

Worst case you could destroy (cut off) the tie rod ends and buy new ones.

Yes, the jam not is free.

One end may be left hand. Follow the exposed threads to see. It should break loose before stripping.
You have toe-in.