Front end Alignment

Does anyone know how to align a Ford Think, or know of a company that does? The old tires were almost bald on the inside of both front tires. I just purchased a new set and I mounted them myself. I couldn’t find a company to balance them or align the tires. I’m in the So Cal area.

Thank you

Any alignment shop should be able to do it. Chances are if your fronts are wearing like that, it’s an issue with toe. Could be from alignment going out of whack, suspension/steering/bearing components wearing out, or sagging suspension. See if there’s any play in the wheels by jiggling them in/out. If it feels tight, you could actually align the toe yourself if you want to save $100+ alignment job. You can get a set of toe plates online for $55, they’re really easy to use. I don’t know the spec on the Think but 1/4" of toe-in is probably a good choice if you can’t find the spec. I use the Longacre ones, very simple.