Ford Think Lithium Set-up

It would be nice for some to share a pallet of batteries.

Hello Dave!

Starting to get back on the Lithium upgrade for my Think and had another question…

You mentioned earlier that 10 of the “modules” would make a 50 mile car. Is it your experience that with only 5, a person could get 25 miles or so? (I know it’s not an exact science…) I would assume to get 50, you would wire half in parallel in order to double the 60ah, to 120ah?



Yes, pretty much. @LithiumGods reports 30 miles on level ground 30mph.
I only get half that myself. Stop and go hilly area.

We are hilly / stop and go here too. However, the Think is limited to 25mph, so should be a bit better…

I guess I could always add more if not enough…

Thanks again!


I added a few more cells for higher voltage . My power and range increased 20+ %

Ahh, so you added them later? What voltage did you start with and end up with?



I’m running 96 volts on my Ford Think

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Did you do 6s and did they fit in the battery locations?

Steve in CO

I’ve got three Ford Thinks, sitting in my shop. I wanna convert all three to Lithium. Been reading all your posts, i’ve rebuilt 9 Prius cars, and familiar with EV and mechanically not a Volt dolt lol. But Would love the recipe for the Ford THinks to turn all 3 into lithium setups with chargers and BMS so i can get my two friends the other two and not have to babysit them every week.

The green cells are working out great. 24-28s $50 each
Configured and test charged here, adds to the cost.
I can program newer DQ chargers or sell new ones set for lithium.
Balancers $3 per cell.
I can have one set ready to go fairly soon. Any more will be delayed until more are tested.

Three 16s Chevy Spark batteries almost fit perfectly in the Ford Think. I would highly recommend going this route if you can find them just because it makes for a clean install.

As for the charger I would just buy new ones from evdrives for about $275 a piece including shipping. Call them I’m sure you would get a discount for buying three. I would buy the ones with the built-in dc to dc converters as each Ford Think have two dc to dc converters that are known to go bad and they can be eliminated with these updated chargers. I bought an aftermarket fuse box that I mounted to the front upper frame under the hood so everything I run off of the charger is fused and is easy to access. You will need to update the wiring but it really isn’t a big deal.

Your old chargers can be sold on ebay if they still work and you should recoup the majority of the money the new chargers cost you. People will pay top dollar for Factory chargers as they don’t want to mess with wiring.

Several different BMS’s out there that people use. I have a cheap Bluetooth one that works well. You just need an Android device to program it and monitor the cells. I didn’t have one as all my stuff is apple so I had to buy one from Walmart for about $100 which works well.

I’m more than happy to help you in anyway. If you do go down this route let me know so I can share some more info that I have learned along the way.


Thinking about doing the Lithium upgrade to my Think, are you still selling a Lithium Battery conversion kit?

There is a set of LiFePo4 on here for sale.

Thanks for the battery info.

Who knows what to do with the green interlock and white temp sensor wires in the charger to Ford Think connector when I go Lithium?

See schematic

Charger connections don’t change. Except the sensor is not needed with lithium.

If you upgrade your charger make sure there is no power at all on the interlock wire coming from the charger. If there’s you will blow a resistor in your instrument cluster. You can always run the interlock wire to ground to bypass it.

Question on wiring a lithium battery in to the think. Do you wire battery positive to mega fuse and then mega fuse to the contactor?

Fuse isn’t needed, but it can connect on either end of battery B+ or B-, if it helps the wiring.
Bms has short circuit protection also.