ford think 2 battery charge noise

makes noise during charging is this normal?

I have never heard one make a noise other than a click when it’s first plugged in.

Mine hums when it is charging. I thought that is normal.

I’d noticed a “bubbling” noise, more of a fizz, on a battery that needed to be replaced, but that’s it other than the initial click as above.

I bought mine 10 months ago and found out that it has the original charger in it. It was very loud while charging. Earlier this month the harness at the charger fried. I am in process of replacing. The original charger is solid aluminum color.

First thins first: The Service Disconnect Switch does not need to be turned on to charge the Think.

The original silver DPI charger hums loudly when it’s plugged in. That does not mean it’s
charging; only that it’s plugged in to 120VAC. There are no indicator lights on it, and the AC Plug Icon on the cluster only indicates it’s plugged in.

The Delta-Q model 910-7201 is a totally silent high frequency state of the art charger, but was only manufactured through 2005, and only available at Ford Dealers. The Non-Disclosure Agreement precludes Delta-Q from talking much about it.
There is a click when it’s plugged in, and another click about 6 seconds after it’s unplugged. Certain faults in the charger, wiring and batteries can lead to unusual noises.

There’s a significant problem with the charging fuse holder (NOT the fuse), and it is a very special fuse holder.

It’s NOT an automotive fuse holder, and they are only rated to 32 Volts DC.

It’s not a $4 fuse holder rated at 120/240 Volts AC.

It’s a High Voltage / High Current DC rated fuseholder, and when I was able to buy them, they were $62.11 each. If this fails, you will have all kinds of weird and noisy things going on. I don’t have a supply of these anymore, but there are other options.

I specialize on the Ford Think exclusively, and have been repairing instrument clusters since 2007, and modifying them since 2010. I also do almost everything on the Think, but not detailing nor brake jobs. You can find additional info on my website:


Scott Taylor

Hi. On your website you list: “ I also offer an upgraded Delta-Q Charger with Integrated DC/DC Converter, which allows full functionality with the Ford Think, including the AC Plug Safety Interlock.
I’m interested in this item. I’m in SoCal. I’m reasonable experienced in electronics. Can this be user installed? If not do you have a recommended installer in the Orange County area? Is it pretty much plug and play or does it require alteration/soldering/splicing? I don’t mind doing this if so, as long as there are good directions.
Also do the charging Protocols include LiPo in case I want to upgrade my batteries later? If not can LiPo protocol be added later?
Thank you.

I can answer all your questions, but I prefer to talk on the phone. I talk faster than I type…

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Thank you. I’ll call you this week.