Fisker Karma

Wow! Have you all seen the Karma? It is a pretty sexy car!

NICE looking car has a great name behind it after researching it but i’ve never heard of the company before.

WOW! overnight car company?

[QUOTE=Lectrol;2058]WOW! overnight car company?[/QUOTE]

it almost seems like it, but i wouldn’t doubt in the least bit that its connected to another company somewhere out there…

I have heard of Fisker before. I think that he did some design work for Aston Martin and/or BMW. You can see similarities in the karma t some of those vehicles. I think it is a sweet looking car- with the exception of the diamond shaped intakes and the mustache grille.
I look forward to see how this shakes up the green car industry.

Fisker Automotive is a joint venture of Fisker coachbuild, who designed the car and Quantum technologies who is providing the technology.