Fisker Appears To Be Dead

According to numerous reports, the entire Fisker PR team, along with a number of other various employees have all been laid off, effective 8AM PST.

This news comes off the unforeseen resignation of Fisker co-founder and CEO Henrik Fisker only a few weeks ago, along with reports that the Fisker team was amidst other financial issues.

While the upstart alternative energy company did receive a number of accolades for design, the Karma was plagued by recall issues, lack of government backing and the unfortunate bankruptcy of its battery supplier A123.

Now, as most of the team has been given the boot, execs are in talks with bankruptcy lawyers regarding the future of the company, if any. Fisker, we hardly knew thee.

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There is some suspicion that the US government could end up acquiring Fisker assets due to the massive taxpayer funded loan made available to the company. It does seem to be in a real mess and it could take some time to sort out.

Fisker’s technology and tooling would probably be useful to some Chinese automaker.

Hi Adam

That is a very interesting comment about a Chinese automaker because as you will be aware the Chinese government has recently put its substantial weight behind the industry.