Finished my project 2005 GEM ES

Bought an old 2005 GEM ES that was basically a basket case (parts in boxes). It did not have any batteries, the exterior door handles did not work, and it was basically a mess. I spent about three weeks doing the following:

New base coat/clear coat paint
New marine vinyl interior and bed/pet cushion
New Ride-4-Fun 7.5HP motor
New Trojan batteries
New door latch cables
New door windows
Replacement DC to DC converter
Underdash heater
Windshield washer system
New 22X8-12 tires and SS wheels

I’m pretty happy with the results. With the Ride-4-Fun motor it does about 34-35MPH. Not too bad. Paint and interior came out great. I am really pleased with the project.


Nice work! Be sure to monitor the battery water levels, as well as corrosion on the cables. Easy to expose the plates and damage batteries if water gets too low. I speak from experience and both issues are the reason I moved onto lithium cells.

your charger came set on Gel. This will destroy your wet batteries. The charger needs to be changed to lead setting. Lots of posta in here on how to do it.