EV speed limiting.

Hi all. Is there any way to limit the top speed of an EV? I’d like to keep the kids from speeding around the neighborhood…

Depends on the EV. What do you have & what year?

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I don’t have one yet so it is more of a general question. I looked at a 2013 Leaf yesterday. Do you know anything about that? It’s cheap and the batteries aren’t great but the shorter range will keep them closer to home, too, lol!

No, I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about the Nissan Leaf. Maybe someone else here does, or that there are some documents that can be downloaded.

I think there are “parental controls” on Teslas and I seem to remember reading something about it in our Chevy Bolt owners manual. Visit the manufacturer’s websites and search a bit.

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You can put a Tesla in Valet mode, this keeps the car under 40mph, locks the glove box, and some other things.

Define “kids”. Hopefully they are old enough to be legal to drive on your roads? (Not that I am chief of moral police).

Actually, an EV is a great vehicle for them to learn in. I had a friend that did that with his girls. They quickly learned that a hot footing around was really fun, but it costs them range in the overall picture. In the early days they often came back with severe cases of “Range Anxiety” and quickly adapted.

Depending on what you need, there are quite a few of the Fiat 500e’s showing up on the market now that they are coming off their leases.

Hey there. Thanks for the replies. I’m looking further in to this elsewhere, but if anyone has any further information please do let me know. Cheers and best wishes.