Error Code 45 after Bolt Install

Has anyone come across Error 45? Just finished up a Bolt conversion on a 2014 with a T5 controller (pics to come, thanks @LithiumGods) . Ran great for a few miles, stopped at a stop sign, accelerated and code came up and the car stopped. Cycled the key on then off and ran fine from there out.

45 armature transistor failure electrical fault inspect motor controller

I think I was hit with that error recently under a similar scenario. I did a quick search while stopped on the side of the road. The error message didn’t sound good but like you I cycled the key and I was able to drive home. I never saw that error again but I was seeing controller overheating errors all the way home. The cart ran fine but I took it easy the rest of the way back. It was strange that it was complaining about over heating as I’ve driven the car much harder on much hotter days and never seen that error before nor have I seen it since. @LithiumGods suggested I reapply the thermal paste on the underside of the controller and keep an eye on it to see if it comes back.

The car has about 500 or so miles on it so Im going to tear the motor down tomorrow night and see if anything stands out. I did hear quite a bit of sizzling up front, so maybe I have a stuck brush or some buildup.

When I had the stuttering and sizzling on on my 2002 with a T2 and 28 of @inwo 's green cells I lowered the #27 Ratio setting on the controller to 2 and everything was smooth from there on out.

do you have the advance 7hp long motor ? If so your brushes are stuck . Easy fix . over half of the advance motors i have got in the last year have had the problem .

This car has a R4F Blue motor. I should be able to pull the motor and clean it up tonight.

Heads up all,
On the T-4’s and likely the T-5, if you accelerate to quickly off the line you will throw the controller into error. I don’t remember if it is a 45 code but that seems right. Before you pull the motor, try driving around with out hammering the throttle. I bet you don’t have any issues.
The fact that you can turn the key off and back on to continue points to this issue.
Once you are rolling 10 mph or so you can hammer down, it’s just from a dead stop.

Grant notes this as a known HV error, but claims it’s minor.
I’m quite sure it can be tuned out if someone takes the time.

Grant notes this as a known HV error, but claims it’s minor.
I’m quite sure it can be tuned out if someone takes the time.

Yep - that was his first warning to me when we started our first HV conversion. I think he said something like “Don’t drive like an ■■■■■ and it will work great” … LOL

Yes if you STOMP on the throttle the car will stall. I think it shows -45. I never tryed to search and fix the issue. I just fixed it by never stomping down. If you accelerate fast and smooth It never errors out. It takes about 30 seconds to figure out what you can get away with as far as accelerating fast and then your good to go. But I can see if you had Parkinson’s disease of the foot it could be problematic!

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An easy fix is adjusting throttle to eliminate the last 10% or xx%.
It will also widen the range of useful throttle travel.
Cut the wire to high side of throttle pot. P7
Insert about a 1k in series.
Or to find a useful value experimentally, use about a 2.5 ohm pot connected as a reostat.
There is an online calculator to help find other values to change throttle linearity and range.

Thank you. Dave is sending me a cable and Im going to try and tune it out. I was able to smooth out my 2002 with a T2, so with a little work and a bunch of beer, Im sure I can get it.

I cant in good faith hand this car back to my friend and say…runs great! Just dont stomp on it, if you knew him, its the first thing he will do.

That’s cool thanks for working on this fix. Makes the car more usable for the “Special” people.

P.S I let my neighbor drive my gem “he is Special” he couldn’t NOT make it -45

Would you like to try the hardware fix? It’s really simple. Like the spoof, and can be switched or removed.

Did you get the last email from shipper?

Another fix is to put it in turf mode at the stop sign. Feel free to stomp it and when you reach about 15mph, switch to highway. You don’t have to release the pedal. As you make the switch to high, the acceleration is wonderful. Or, as others have mentioned, feather the pedal until you hit 15 mph and then stomp it.
I am running 96 volts from a “Volt”.

Running a 98v volt conversion on a 2014 e4.
Never had the 45 code show until I saw the earlier thread from Grantwest. Went out and gave it “the stomp”. Promptly coded.
I’ve always just kind of rolled into the throttle and have never noticed an issue. I guess driving a Hellcat helps give you a trained right foot.
It would be very helpful for an Inwo hardware fix though for the initiated!!
I would definitely install one to help drivability on my girl.