2008 GEM error code 45

Sudden loss of power, error code 45, even after full charge. I turn off key and wait 30 seconds and then can drive home slowly. If I speed up it will stop again, but this scenario is inconsistent. New Deka Gel batts 8G-31DT installed 4/19, driven 2000 miles since. Delta Q charger confirmed profile of 14.Do I need a new or rebuilt motor controller? Recommend ride-4-fun? Please and thank you for recommendations!

45 armature transistor failure electrical fault inspect motor controller

2008 will be a T4 controller. You can send it to FSIP for rebuild or pick up a used spare from someone here. @MikeKC used to have a few T4s - not sure if he still does.

A quick search of the archives shows a couple of problems that cause a code -45. Interesting that sometimes this code does not always requiring a controller rebuild but are centered around the guys that hotrod these cars and a heavy foot.

It sounds like this is not your case today(not a modded cart) and if nothing has recently changed on your car lately the recent code may be showing signs of permanent failure. Especially if you continue to drive it and throwing this code.

One of the other things that I saw that triggers this code is a motor problem- Specifically a stuck brush. Next time you do this listen for excessive arcing(sizzling) up front. This would also account for sudden speed drop.

Or- put the front end up on jackstands and run it in place. You can open hood and have someone press the pedal while you watch, listen, and sniff !!!

I saw a vid somewhere that looked like under hood gopro footage looking at the brush end of a motor. It was like Dr. Frankensteins lab!! Yikes!!!

Report back your findings.

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Thanks so much for this valuable information. I will check for arcing.