Error 16, but Isn't?

I’m with you, that’s what makes sense to me. I’ve been playing with that setting a bit, as default was 1.000/0.800, but not too much because I don’t know for sure if that’s what it means.

After about 2 days, slowly but surely they’re balancing out. Should it be taking this long?

Depending on the ah of the batteries it could take quite a bit of time, it took about a week for mine to balance out

we should have a phone conversation to go over this.

Getting there!

Just a silly question:
Are you using the car during this balancing session?
Or are you just letting it do it’s thing on it’s own?

(that may have been two questions, or one question with a modifier)

Or a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a burrito…

(que spooky music)

Not a silly question. It’s sitting doing it’s own thing with the main breaker off.



That split model 3 Tesla pack sitting with @AssyRequired had one cell sitting lower than the other 19. For giggles, I kicked off the ANT BMS to balance it all out. Basically pull down all 19 cells to the lowest. I think that took about 3 weeks to balance out. That’s a huge pack though.

Point being, it can take some time…

On family vacation and not checking FB much. Balance that pack to .005. it will take a few days.

Anyone have an ant app to share?
Does ios app work yet? Doesn’t for me.

Lemmie look


It got me thinking…
I don’t think there is any reason why it needs to sit passive. Why not go ahead and use the car if you need to? The cells will eventually balance.

Sure- the pack is not at 100%. But pretty close… The BMS will still protect the cells.

@AssyRequired - you still have that Tesla pack? May as well put a JK BMS on it at this point (while you have it)

Sent you what I have from april 22. Android only though.

@MikeKC - By some strange coincidence my order of 2 new JK’s showed up today(with the big monitors).

I was tempted to click on the new high amp version (500a?) but they aren’t ready to support the display, which is something that I wanted to play with/see/sniff.

Does the T-pack need the high amp that the ANT will support?

No, High amp is not needed. I just like active balancing over passive now that we have that option.
I had to get the 600amp JK cuz I am running a T-25S and that is the only JK that will do 25S.
@Erniea15 pack is only 20S (right) so a standard JK would work fine, or should… :slight_smile:
Let’s get that thing running !!

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Glad I just dm’d instead of calling. No reason to take away from vacay for! .005 is what I’ve set the params to at this point. Question is, will the BMS shut it down when it gets more than .005 difference. Gonna experiment in my driveway shortly and find out.

For editing, no. It does work for view-only. Also found another app that seems promising and actually connects to the newer Ant model (at least mine), but again no editing.

Make sure you’re phone isn’t already connected to something else, ie car stereo, Bluetooth speaker, etc.

I haven’t needed it so far, plus was hoping to get all cells equal then try to top them off and see if they’ll all charge up and stay at 4v.

Alright, well…first thing, I was able to record data from the BMS with that “BMS Tool” app referenced above, while screen recording during my trip around the block. It dumps into a csv with updates every millisecond. (I manually cleaned up the formatting). Just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with that app.
Here’s all of the data to follow along with:

Test Drive BMS Spreadsheet

Screen recording:

Cell Diff params:

Preliminary results/assumptions are I have a couple weak cells possibly; 9 (cell 1 on pack 2) and 17 (cell 1 on pack 3). Also to note, cell 1 on pack 3 is the/one of the lowest.
My spade connectors aren’t a sufficient connection point for each pack’s series connection.
My fancy new 7.5 AMD motor is too hungry for my 74aH pack. About 3min into my test run I flipped to High and gave it about 80-90% throttle and got a BMS protect shutdown. Data showed it was drawing 98.7 amps right before shutdown and cells 9/17 dropped out of balance by -.2 and -.3…which BMS was set to protect at .300 diff.

Mike, is the ANT not active? Or is there something about the JK that the ANT doesn’t do? Besides iOS that is.

Byron, did I ever send you photos of the JK remote display I bought? I know we talked about it between the time I ordered it and before it arrived. The gaddamn thing is the size of my thumb, barely. It looked so much larger in the picture… Lol

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