Error code -16 what is it mean and how do I flmfux it

What does this code mean gem car is giving -16 code what does that mean and how do I fix it

Over voltage - Turn on your headlights - It will go away in 30 seconds.

But it’s not acting like nothing at all

16 voltage high verify voltage >86vdc, if higher,
run lights to reduce.

This happens just after the charger shuts off and the surface charge has not bled of the batteries. This is a normal situation and no fix is required.

But it still won’t do anything after I turn on headlights for a while

Do you mean thee cart wont run after code go’s away?

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Turning lights on didn’t make code go away

The cart should run when the code goes away. Should only take a few minutes to bleed off the excess charge.

The code don’t go away

Did you find a solution? Mine is doing the same thing you are describing. It happened after I pressure washed it. I tried the headlight suggestion and no luck

Omg that’s the same thing I did to mine . Mine is in the shop.hopefully soon will find out

Keep me posted after the shop figures out the issue, if you would. What a pain!

Did you get it back from the shop? I’m still trying to figure out mine

No I haven’t heard anything yet

Any batteries will work.
A shop will generally only work with “approved” parts.

Well I have no idea what to do then , ugh I’m stuck

The shop suggests that new batteries will fix the high voltage code?
I’ve been wrong before. Will they guarantee it will clear the code? It sounds like they are parts seller/swappers.
Measure the voltage at P1 on controller. About 86v triggers the code.


If voltage is ok, controller is bad. IMO
Take a battery out of the string to see if you get a low voltage error. Won’t fix anything, I’m just curious.