2004 GEM dash lights up but displays 16mph and wrench

Putting this Gem back together and when I turn the key on the dash lights up and everything but it shows 16mph on the screen and the wrench icon is lit up to the right. Won’t go but all the electronics work like the wipers, horn etc. getting 89.9 volts running 27 3.3v batteries. Not my cart doing this for a friend just kinda lost.

Error code 16 is over voltage. Won’t run over 86 volts.
25s or 26s lifepo4 is the most we usually run.

at 89 volts you Have to have a voltage spoof to make it work .


over voltage, Take a couple cells off or get a voltage spoof.

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This spoof you speak of? What would I look up to try and find one of those?

Not what, but whom.

Talk to Dave @Inwo