2012 Gem e6 error code 16

I just bought a 2012 gem e6. The people had killed the batteries and were running 48v in it (6 x 8v batteries). I got the batteries to take somewhat of a charge and got it to move but seemed to lack power. The engine says it’s 72v and so does most everything else I can see or read in the owner’s manual. So I went and bought 6 new 12v batteries and put them in. I tested each battery (12.6v) and the whole system is right at 75v. I tried to move and it gave me error code 16 (over voltage). Is there some setting I need to change to get it to run on 72v again?

I’m thinking I may need a new motor controller? But will I also need a new charger? Any help is great, thanks!!

I actually figured out what was going on. It had 3 more batteries under the middle seats. So it has always been running on 72v. The folks I bought if from just didn’t know those where there and called it 48v. So when I unhooked those and put just the new 6x12v batteries in, it is seems to run well. I called and talked to a company that works exclusively on gem cars and they where helpful.

I was going to say there must have been some creative wiring in there if it was actually running on 48 volts. It just will not.

Good job on figuring it out. Hopefully you actually removed those extra batteries? Or maybe you like the way it rides with the extra weight?

Have fun in your new car!