Electric trike question

Hey everyone, my first post here! I’m trying to design an EV trike and am doing a specification for it. I need your opinion on whether I should go for tandem or side-by-side seating.

I’m planning a 2-seater trike and I think there might be an advantage in terms of aerodynamics for a tandem arrangement, but it just seems much more social to have your passenger sitting next you. What do you reckon??

Hello - anyone there? Anyone tried to convert a bike to a trike? How difficult is it meant to be? Thanks!

I’m also doing a reverse trike, but the first will be a single seater. For aerodynamics it would seem that side by side would be more drag, but if you look at the Apterra on youtube.com, the dolphin shape allows the side by side with a fairly low wind drag. I guess it depends on how extreme you want to be for range, efficiency, etc. Tandem would definitely be easier to get the maximum range. If you are using lithium, you might be able to sacrifice a little extra drag for seating preferences.
Just my thoughts…
Don B.

Hi there,
Sounds like an interesting project. So, are you wanting to convert a motorcycle? What basic design are you leaning toward, tadpole or delta, open or enclosed? You might want to check out www.3wheelers.com if you haven’t already. Lot’s of interesting designs as well as some links to companies that sell kits and plans.