Electric fence charger?

Greetings, I’m not much of an electrician and I’m trying to check out a electric fence. I have a Fluke 23III meter and the fence charger is a Red Snapr .5 Joule rated at 7000 volts. I hesitate to grab hold of it and I’ve got some readings on the meter to ask about. With the fence wires disconnected and the meter in the AC mode I get a reading of .45. With the wires to the fence hooked up I get a reading of .14 . Does this sound about right? Thanks Howard

You will damage the meter. Check output with a neon lamp or see if spark will jump to ground terminal.
1/16" or so.

OK, thanks. I’ll do that tomorrow. Howard

Insulated screw driver from “hot” wire to ground, should jump a blue arc 1/4"

I’ll check that out when I get back home later today. Thanks Howard

Well, it seems like I was doing the same mistake as you Howard22. However, I kept on doing that for like an year and a half.

Peeing on it?


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