E825 -04 wont clear

I’ve jumped b- to pin 13 and still -04 is displayed on the readout along with the wrench red LED. Halp.

Wow- Jumping right in on it… Usually I like to be wined and dined a bit while you tell us more about yourself.

I could guess on a couple of different solutions but you know what they say about that word “assume”.

  • What year is your car?
  • When was it last working and what changed?
  • What else have you tried?

First guess -

  • Where are you pulling B- from?
  • Are you sure you have a good connect on P13?

I’m pulling b- straight from the big b- terminal, and I’ve tapped into the white-grn wire on pin 13 to short it to b-. I’ve also checked continuity on the tap to the female side of the multipin connector.

This is a 2002 model. I suspected the controller was bad, so I purchased a rebuilt one. It does the same thing as the original. Makes me think theres been some other component failure.

Lastly, this is a garage find that hasn’t run in 5 years and had no batteries when I bought it. It may be throwing good money after bad at this point. I dont have tons of time or money to resuscitate it.

Has this car had the Converter Recall/Wiring update applied?
Are you familiar with what it looks like?

Confirm: B- from the controller lug on top? Y/N

Probably not, and no i don’t. Time to fire up teh google.

Also: Y

If your dash lower section is removed, look on the pass side. You will either see an open PC board with caps and resistors exposed (old board) or hopefully a black box with fins marked Surepower(update applied).

You might see a silver box with a poured epoxy end cap where wires exit. This is a mediocre fix.

I’m not saying this is your problem, but since we are diving into the wiring we both need to be on the same page as to what we are poking at.

That doesn’t sound wise. Shorting psdm to B- is not good.

That’s what the handbrake switch does, but since mine disintegrated, one makes do.

It does that through the psdm. Ok to pull p13 low, but not the psdm output low.
If older cars PB switch connects direct to controller, I stand corrected.

Black finned box is present.