E-Twow electric kick scooter

Hi there to all electric vehicle fans!

I would like to bring to your attention the launch on the market of a new type of electric kick scooter called E-Twow.

This is considered to be the most economical vehicle ever manufactured with an energy consumption of only 6.15 Wh/km. Moreover, E-Twow is the lightest e scooter in the industry weighing only 10.7 kg (23 lbs).

E-Twow is regarded as truly innovative thanks to the high-end technologies it is equipped with like kers, magnetic brake and zero start. This is the first time when kers is being implemented on such a vehicle.

In terms of performance, this new electric kick scooter has a battery life of 41 km (25 miles) and can reach a highest speed of 30 km/h (18 mph).

For more information and technical details you can visit the scooter’s official website.