3 wheeled e-PTV

This is a 48 volt 3,000 watt electric vehicle powered by a brushless DC hub motor. For a battery source it uses 4 Powersonic 12 volt 55 amp/hr deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries in series. It uses a twist grip potentiometer for a throttle input. It has hydraulic front brakes and also uses regenerative braking. It does over 30 mph when programed to do so, and has several hours of run time under full load in one charge. In most of the videos posted by account “LorasEngineering” the vehicle is set at only 70% current draw a mild throttle, and 75% top speed.

here is the video:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My9X3ghuScY]YouTube - eWalk - The Electric Personal Transportation Vehicle[/ame]

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