E-6 charging problem

I have an E-6, I get 8 miles then the turtle light come on, checked all the batteries and they are good, if I reset the SOC to full charge without charging it I get another 8 miles, anyone with a clue, maybe a sensor somewhere?

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Your request for help is quite vague. Be prepared to get some very vague responses. If you want something a bit more tuned to your problem then you need to provide more details on your cart. If the gang is in a spunky mood then prepare to get some REALLY sarcastic suggestions involving fire and/or explosives.

checked all the batteries and they are good,

“They are good” means nothing here. I think the turtle is even calling you out on your testing procedure.

Can you give us more details on what you did here?

  • What are these batteries?
  • How old are they?
  • When was the last time they were serviced?
  • Did you do a V check on them?
    List the volts on each battery out two places after the decimal point. (xx.xxV)
    Then a total pack read

Also helpful

  • The year of your car
  • What charger you are using.

Just keep resting the SOC - you can drive forever!!! I wish I would have thought of that trick.

JK - follow @AssyRequired direction and we maybe able to get you pointed the right direction.

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