2007 e6 turtling error

Hey all,

I have a 2007 E6 that keeps turtling at about 4 bars to go. It used to have 9 8v batteries, but I switched to 6 12’s.

I put a battery set in to fix this. Did not work. Bought new charger and new set of Trojans from dealer. Did not work. They said we need to keep cycling it which we did every day for about 45 days. Then the dealer put in brand new Polaris Gels. Still… Did not work.

Still turtling at 4-5 bars yet. Always at the same spot.

What could this possibly be? Everyone keeps saying it’s the batteries, but we are on the fourth set of batteries so I am led to believe it is not… please help!

Thank you!

your gauge is out of calibration , easy fix . first thing run it till it goes into turtle and measure pack voltage . need to know if pack really is low . if it is then calibrate the volt gauge . do this with battery pack discharged to turtle level .

  1. turn key on

2: hold trip button down , push turn signal up then all the way down , then to center , release trip button . gauge will enter program mode .

  1. click turn signal up repeatedly until you get to soc , then press the trip meter one time . a number will come up , if you were showing 4 bars the number will probably be in the 40’s . click the turn signal down till it reads a singe digit . then push trip button one time . turn off key . turn back on and your gauge should now read red bar . you are good to go .

let me know what happens

Interesting trick!

Couldn’t find my voltage meter but ran it to error Code 15. When I went in to SOC it said 00. The lowest you could go when resetting it was 09. I did that and now it is charging up.

Will do another range test tomorrow when it’s charged up. Keep you posted.

Thank you very much for offering to help

Update: Per my note above, the SOC already state “00” when the batteries were dead (-15 error code). Regardless, I charged it up and range tested again… No luck.

After doing this several times, I can confidently say the cart gradually loses power over the 15 miles it is getting. It starts out strong for 5 miles, then you can feel the power get weaker. At 10 miles, you can definitely feel the loss in power accelerating from a full stop.

After my test today at turtle level, I checked the voltage of the systems and it showed 25.9. Each individual battery tested at 12.2. I have no idea if this is normal.

It has a brand new charger and brand new OEM gel batteries. Could this be a wiring issue? We switched it 9, 8volts to six 12volts and had to modify/connect a couple wires so they would reach.

Could it be a faulty controller?

Please help!

Start checking with meter common on B-.
That battery positive will show 12.2 as your test shows.
Each battery in the string will read 12.2v more until the last B+ is 73 volts.
Each battery pos will be connected to the neg of the following all the way thru from B- to B+.