dryer keeps on getting trip

Hi guys, I have a question for you.
GE dryer at a friends house randomly trips. Could be running, could be stopped. But it only happens in the spring to summer months when we get the most moisture. I don’t know if moisture creates this problem. I guess it has been going on for years. I replaced the breaker, checked the wiring of it, checked the fuse but was not able to find any fault. I could never get it to do it. Could it be something in the dryer making it trip? But why if it isn’t even running, and it’s the only breaker in the panel that does it. I’m stumped.
Any licensed electrician here to help my friend solve the problem?

Molded case breakers DO go bad! Is i t a ground fault breaker? Could be problems with motor starting up. Dirt and fibers on heating elements. Bad Heating element insulators. Any number of things.