Driving max time

OK, much better numbers. Thanks.

Are those extra wires attached to Batt4? Are you sure they are hooked up to your radio? If so- then Yes, I suspect those extra wires may be drawing down your #4 battery.

See if it will charge up and stay at the level of your other batteries.

But I DON’T think your problem is solved yet.

When your car slows to a stop after 3 miles:

  1. Does not throw any error codes (a low battery would trigger a turtle or a code 15 when key cycled)
  2. Slows to a stop still having 75 volts. (the car still should go but slowly)

This is telling me something is happening outside the controller.

I recommend, charging up the low battery but DO NOT charge the whole car.
Check all the batteries again, then take it for another run.

Report back with what you find.

Yes: there is specific place you should be hooking up your radio but DO NOT hook it to ALL the batteries. It will promptly eject all of it’s built-in smoke.

I will show you where it should go later.


once your low drive time issue is resolved, you can look under your dash for 2 wires taped together having a label of “AUX” on them. That would be a pair of Auxiliary 12V which most use for the radio.

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Much appreciated indeed!

Yes, the turtle icon appears in the display when it’s totally stoped ( and I need to wait the 10/15 mins to drive it again for 100 meters then doesn’t move anymore) regarding your second point ( it should move slowly as it has 75 V) yes, it’s strange! However, I would appreciate if you can send me a pic of where to hook up the radio connection si that I can take corrective step. Thanks in advance and kind regards

Yes, the turtle icon appears in the display when it’s totally stoped

Well, there ya go. This explains a few things.

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Alright, I will do that tmw morning and will keep you informed of progress. You can’t imagine how much you made me happy as I understood the reason beyond the problem. Best wishes and my sincere appreciation

To attach any accessory you need to remove the upper and lower sections of the dash off to get access to the covered part of the fuse panel in the dash.

There are several connections available to push on .250 female spade connectors.

Stay away from A and B. Those are 72V!!!
#6 is always on (for radio memory power)
#1 is usually where the switched wire goes.

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not really. These batteries are in series, ie one end of each is connected to the other end of the other so all the power to the motor flows through all 6 batteries. When one goes very low like that battery with the radio connection there’s nothing left for it to add and its voltage drops VERY low like 3V when the motor is on and even with the other batteries full, that’s too low a voltage for the control unit and it stops the car. When the car is stopped, that battery voltage will raise up a little bit and then the controller thinks it’s ok again and you go 100 meters when battery 4 voltage drops again and now doesn’t raise up too much.

Get a 12V battery charger on that one battery until it’s showing 13.5-13.8V and you’ll get far more than 3 miles. But there’s a good chance that one battery is no longer as good as the others for storing a battery charge so it could prevent you from getting all the mileage out of the other batteries.

Test it by charging that one battery, taking it for a 6 mile drive, stop for 30 minutes and then measure your battery voltages and see how battery 4 differs from the others. If not difference then you might be ok for a while. but if battery 4 is much more than 0.2 lower than the others you might consider replacing that battery.

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Thank you sir so very much. It makes a lot of sense also!! I will do that and will get back to you with the outcome. Much appreciated indeed again. Have a good day

Oh, and in addition to where you put the +12v radio wires,
The -12v (black) wires can go to Chassis Gnd. Somewhere on the aluminum dash frame is good. Look for a spot where a bunch of other black wires are fastened.

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Alright, but just to make sure everything is in place, I would appreciate if you can send me a picture for that also. Very much appreciated

Hello guys, hope you are all keeping great.

I would like to update you on the low volt battery issue. As you have instructed, I tried to charge that battery separately but it didn’t accept more that 12.6 V and consequently the electrician told me that it should be replaced. Of course the reason beyond having such bad battery is the radio connection which was connected through such battery. Of course, I reconnected the radio in the right place as you explained and it worked fine. Thank you all so much for your help and wish you all the best

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