Drayson Racing Technologies signs up for Formula E

As the motor racing world continues to absorb the introduction of electric vehicles, this week it was confirmed that Drayson Racing Technologies is the first team to sign up for the Formula E Championship. Initially the company will help to develop a custom racing car for 2014, in conjunction with Spark Racing Technology and McLaren, with Formula E Holdings supplying these to the racing teams.

Drayson Racing Technologies will be developing its own car in 2015 in what many believe will be a pivotal year for the new Championship. There is no doubt that electric power is the way forward for many consumers and it will be interesting to see how this particular technology is embraced by sports car enthusiasts.

Has anyone heard the recent news - is looks as though Renault have signed up for Formula E.

All of the big boys are now showing interest in Formula E - after a number of false starts it looks as though the sport is about to take off!