Drayson Racing Technologies breaks electric land speed record

Drayson Racing Technologies has today broken the FIA’s world electric land speed record at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire, England. The previous record was set in 1974 at 175 mph although today the B12 69/EV topped out at 204.185 mph on the near 2 mile long runway.

Former UK science Minister Lord Paula Drayson was in the driving seat - slightly different from his political career!

Finally a politician does something useful! :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

Yes, they are few and far between lol Drayson has sneaked up on the rails a little with Tesla taking all of the headlines but this does seem to be a very good outfit.


If he ever wants to run for office again he can say, “I don’t just support electric vehicles, I race them!”

While some people would suggest that Formula E, the new electric car racing championship, is a waste of time and money, it will allow electric car manufacturers to test out new technology which should appear in the mass market further down the line.