China Racing signs up for Formula E

In what many believe will be a significant move for the future, China Racing has today confirmed plans to participate in the Formula E Championship. The company will be part of a 10 team championship which is set to begin in 2014 and while opinion is split between its potential popularity, it is certainly grabbing the headlines.

This could herald a significant development in the fight against pollution and the fight to rescue the electric car industry.

Interesting. I wonder what it will be like to watch an almost silent race. :slight_smile:

Hi LuvMyTJ

This is actually a very valid point as part of the thrill of F1 is the noise and atmosphere. Will we see devices fitted to Formula E cars to help create an atmosphere?

not bad for China))

I see London seems to be the centre piece of Formula E :slight_smile:

How long will this last before the big boys join and try to take over?